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Precautions for Diesel Generator Set Installation

Time : 2018-01-05 Hits : 13

1. Use 0#~-30# light diesel for diesel; specify 15W-40CD grade engine oil for engine oil (or according to the requirements of diesel engine manual).
2. The starting temperature is above +5℃; with water and oil heating device, the starting temperature is -15℃; when the unit is used below 0℃, antifreeze and other low temperature starting measures should be adopted.
3. Unit noise coefficient: ≤85~95db (A), in line with international standards.
4. In addition to providing 8KW-1600KW land-use generator sets, our company can also provide marine generator sets with the same power level and various generator sets with 60HZ 1800 rpm.
5. The generator set produced by our company meets the requirements of GB/T2820.1, .5, .6 and ISO8528 "Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven generator set" standards.
6. Pressure regulation method: automatic or manual.
7. Attention to users in cold areas: According to changes in temperature, the oil, diesel, and coolant must be adjusted appropriately to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
8. With the continuous update of the product, if the sample parameters are changed or changed, the random file shall prevail. The company has the final interpretation right without prior notice.