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Oil Industry

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The petrochemical industry is my country's pillar industry. It mainly processes and sells crude oil and natural gas. For example, processed into diesel, kerosene, gasoline, asphalt, paraffin, sulfur (a by-product of natural gas), plastics, rubber, fibers, chemicals, etc.
The petrochemical industry has a long production line and a wide range of areas. Only Sinopec Group has nearly 6000 kilometers of crude oil, refined oil, natural gas and other oil and gas pipelines, 24,000 gas stations, and petrochemical companies’ oil fields, oil extraction plants, oil refineries, Chemical plants, oil depots, gas stations, and oil (gas) pipelines spread all over the country in cities, towns, stations, docks, hotels, and thousands of households.
These programs are inseparable from strong power support. Diesel generator sets are a good choice, economical and stable.