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High-strength Yuchai Engine Silent Type Genset

High-strength Yuchai Engine Silent Type Genset

Adopt the cylinder head
High-strength cylinder block
Good transient speed regulation
Adopting labyrinth air duct structure

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ISO 8528: AC generator set driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine
IEC 60034-1: Basic technical requirements for rotating electrical machines
YD/T 502: Communication diesel generator set
GB/T 20136-2006: General test method for internal combustion engine power station

The main structure of the engine body, cylinder head, crankshaft and connecting rod has been tested for a long time to ensure the high reliability of the whole machine.
Adopt the cylinder head integrated water outlet design to reduce the sealing surface and improve the reliability of the sealing.
Leading turbocharged and intercooled, four-valve and electronic control technology, the combustion organization is accurate and rapid, the emission is good, the transient response performance is good, and the loading capacity is strong.
The high-strength cylinder block, alloy crankshaft, alloy steel connecting rod and internal cooling oil passage piston make the engine more durable, and it has a lighter and more compact structure among similar products.
Adopt advanced and mature BOSCH electronic control common rail with high-efficiency supercharging technology to accurately control the fuel injection volume and sufficient air intake to ensure that the diesel engine can fully burn and emit less under different load conditions.
Good transient speed regulation and strong loading capacity.
Meet the requirements of performance level G3 of generator set.
The transient response of the unit is tested according to the ISO 8528-5 standard, and the single-step loading rate can reach up to 60%
All engine systems have passed prototype and factory tests
The use of excellent shock absorption devices can reduce the vibration of the unit, and the use of high-efficiency silencers and a fully enclosed noise reduction system can reduce the noise of the unit by 15 to 35dB (A), making the unit less vibration and low noise.
Adopting labyrinth air duct structure and dust-proof net design, and adding sealing strips and applying sealant to balance the different needs of ventilation and waterproofing and dust proofing. At the same time, it has been verified by repeated rain test and dustproof test. The standard protection level is IP23. The highest can reach IP43.
The use of high-quality steel and surface spray treatment, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and rust resistance, strong and durable.
Frequency drop%≤3
Steady-state frequency band%0.5
Relative frequency setting drop range%≥3.5
Relative frequency setting rising range%2.5
Transient frequency deviation100% sudden reduction power%≤+10
Sudden power≤-7
Frequency recovery times≤3
Relative frequency tolerance band%2
Steady-state voltage deviation%≤±1
Voltage unbalance%1
Transient voltage deviation100% sudden reduction power%≤+20
Sudden power≤-15
Voltage recovery times≤4
Voltage modulation%0.3
Relative voltage setting range%≤±5
Voltage setting rate of change%/s0.21
Telephone harmonic factorTHF%2
Phone influencing factorsTIF/50

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The main power (PRP) is the maximum power that the unit can continuously operate with variable load under standard environment (atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, ambient temperature) conditions, and allow 10% overload operation for 1 hour every 12 hours.

Altitude: ≤1000m (when >1000m, power correction is required)
Ambient temperature: 40°C (when >40°C, power correction is required)
Relative humidity: ≤60%
When the on-site operating conditions of the diesel generating set doesn’t meet the above conditions, the output power of the generator set must be corrected, and finally corrected coefficient, please consult us.
Genset ModelPrime Power(kW)Standby Power(kW)Power FactorRated VoltageFrequencyDimension (L×W×H) (mm)Weight(kg)Engine ModelNumber of CylindersBore×Stroke(mm)Displacement(L)Fuel Consumption(g/kW)SpeedCooling SystemStarting Method
Yuchai Genset Silent Style(400V)
ATYS-Y16F16 18 0.8400V50HZ2500L×980W×1580H10284D24G6487*1032.45 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y20F20 22 0.8400V50HZ2500L×980W×1580H1068 4D24G7487*1032.45 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y24F24 26 0.8400V50HZ2500L×980W×1580H 11254D24TG2487*1032.45 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y30F30 33 0.8400V50HZ2500L×1020W×1580H 1210 4D24TG0487*1032.45 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y45F45 50 0.8400V50HZ 2700L×1020W×1580H 1420YC4D80-D344105*1154.21 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y50F50 55 0.8400V50HZ2700L×1020W×1580H  1450YC4D90-D344108*1154.21 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y60F60 66 0.8400V50HZ2700L×1020W×1580H 1495 YC4D105-D344108*1154.21 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y70F70 77 0.8400V50HZ2850L×1120W×1650H  1545 YC4D120-D314108*1154.21 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y80F80 88 0.8400V50HZ 2850L×1120W×1650H 1595YC4D140-D314108*1154.21 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y90F90 100 0.8400V50HZ3000L×1220W×1720H  1750YC4A155-D304108*1324.84 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y90FG90 100 0.8400V50HZ2850L×1120W×1650H  1650 YC4D155-D314103*1134.21 <2051500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y110F110 120 0.8400V50HZ3000L×1220W×1720H  1880 YC4A190-D304108*1324.84 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y120F120 132 0.8400V50HZ3550L×1220W×1880H 2454YC6A205-D306108*1327.26 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y140F140 154 0.8400V50HZ3550L×1220W×1880H   2518 YC6A230-D306108*1327.25 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y144F144 160 0.8400V50HZ3550L×1220W×2880H  2620 YC6A245-D306108*1327.25 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y160F160 176 0.8400V50HZ3550L×1202W×1850H 2780 YC6A275-D306108*1327.25 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y200F200 220 0.8400V50HZ4060L×1520W×2183H  3650 YC6MK350-D306123*14510.34 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y250F250 275 0.8400V50HZ4060L×1520W×2183H  3700 YC6MK420-D306123*14510.34 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y280F280 308 0.8400V50HZ4060L×1520W×2183H  3760 YC6MK450-D306123*14510.34 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y300F300 330 0.8400V50HZ 4400L×1620W×2322H   4650 YC6K500-D30/316129*15512.16 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y320F320 350 0.8400V50HZ4400L×1620W×2322H 4720YC6K520-D306129*15512.16 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y360F360 400 0.8400V50HZ 4400L×1620W×2322H  4890YC6K600-D306129*16512.94 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y400F400 440 0.8400V50HZ4600L×1720W×2502H5830YC6T660-D316145*16516.35 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y450F450 500 0.8400V50HZ4600L×1720W×2502H 6025 YC6TD780-D316152*18019.60 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y500F500 550 0.8400V50HZ4950L×1920W×2560H 6680 YC6TD840-D316152*18019.60 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-Y550F550 600 0.8400V50HZ4950L×1920W×2560H   6850YC6TD900-D316152*18019.60 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting