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Perkins Engine Silent Type Genset with High-performance Shock Absorption Device

Perkins Engine Silent Type Genset with High-performance Shock Absorption Device

Small size, compact structure
Adopting high-performance shock
Adopting labyrinth air duct structure
Using high-quality steel

  • Standard
  • Performance
ISO 8528: AC generator set driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine
IEC 60034-1: Basic technical requirements for rotating electrical machines
YD/T 502: Communication diesel generator set
GB/T 20136-2006: General test method for internal combustion engine power station

Small size, compact structure, sophisticated craftsmanship, beautiful appearance; low noise, excellent emission indicators.
Adopt a closed-circulation cooling system and install a high-efficiency radiator, which can still maintain normal when the ambient temperature is as high as 52℃.
Adopting high-performance shock absorption device can reduce the vibration of the unit, while adopting a high-efficiency silencer and a fully enclosed noise reduction system can reduce the noise of the unit by 15 ~ 35dB(A), making the unit less vibration and low noise.
Adopting labyrinth air duct structure and dust-proof net design, and adding sealing strips and applying sealant to balance the different needs of ventilation and waterproofing and dust proofing. At the same time, it has been verified by repeated rain test and dustproof test. The standard protection level is IP23. The highest can reach IP43.
Using high-quality steel and surface spray treatment, it has strong corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and rust resistance, strong and durable.
Frequency drop%5
Steady-state frequency band%1.5
Relative frequency setting drop range%≥3.5
Relative frequency setting rising range%2.5
Transient frequency deviation100% sudden reduction power%≤+12
Sudden power≤-10
Frequency recovery times5
Relative frequency tolerance band%2
Steady-state voltage deviation%≤±2.5
Voltage unbalance%1
Transient voltage deviation100% sudden reduction power%≤+25
Sudden power≤-20
Voltage recovery times6
Voltage modulation%0.3
Relative voltage setting range%≤±5
Voltage setting rate of change%/s0.21
Telephone harmonic factorTHF%2
Phone influencing factorsTIF/50

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The main power (PRP) is the maximum power that the unit can continuously operate with variable load under standard environment (atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, ambient temperature) conditions, and allow 10% overload operation for 1 hour every 12 hours.

Altitude: ≤1000m (when >1000m, power correction is required)
Ambient temperature: 40°C (when >40°C, power correction is required)
Relative humidity: ≤60%
When the on-site operating conditions of the diesel generating set doesn’t meet the above conditions, the output power of the generator set must be corrected, and finally corrected coefficient, please consult us.
Genset ModelGenset Prime Power(kW)Genset Standby Power(kW)Power FactorRated VoltageFrequencyDimension (L×W×H) (mm)Weight(kg)Engine ModelNumber of CylindersBore×Stroke(mm)Displacement(L)Fuel Consumption(g/kW)SpeedCooling SystemStarting Method
Perkins Genset Silent Style(400V)
ATYS-P77 8 0.8400V50HZ2000L×920W×1252H 1280 403A-11G1377*811.131 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P1010 11 0.8400V50HZ2000L×920W×1252H 1300403A-15G1/G384*901.496 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P10G10 11 0.8400V50HZ2000L×920W×1252H 1300 403D-15G384*901.496 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P1212 13 0.8400V50HZ 2000L×920W×1252H   1300403A-15G2384*901.496 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P1616 18 0.8400V50HZ2000L×920W×1252H1328404A-22G1484*1002.216 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P16G16 18 0.8400V50HZ 2000L×920W×1252H    1328404D-22G484*1002.216 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P2424 26 0.8400V50HZ2500L×1020W×1534H 13401103A-33G3105*1273.300 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P3636 40 0.8400V50HZ2500L×1020W×1534H 1350 1103A-33TG13105*1273.300 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P4848 53 0.8400V50HZ  2550L×1020W×1534H 1385   1103A-33TG23105*1273.300 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P5050 55 0.8400V50HZ 2850L×1020W×1531H 14441104A-44TG14105*1274.400 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P6464 70 0.8400V50HZ2850L×1020W×1531H1492 1104A-44TG24105*1274.400 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P6666 72 0.8400V50HZ2850L×1020W×1531H  15001104C-44TAG14105*1274.400 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P8080 88 0.8400V50HZ2850L×1020W×1531H 15301104C-44TAG2   4105*1274.400 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P108108 120 0.8400V50HZ3375L×1170W×1782H 1616  1106A-70TG16105*1357.010 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P120120 132 0.8400V50HZ3375L×1170W×1782H 20971106A-70TAG26105*1357.010 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P140140 154 0.8400V50HZ3375L×1170W×1782H  2436      1106A-70TAG3 6105*1357.010 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P160160 176 0.8400V50HZ3375L×1170W×1782H  24621106A-70TAG4 6105*1357.010 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P180180 200 0.8400V50HZ3750L×1220W×2100H 2622 1206A-E70TTAG26105*1357.010 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P200200 220 0.8400V50HZ3750L×1220W×2100H  2725 1206A-E70TTAG3 6105*1357.010 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P240240 264 0.8400V50HZ3750×1220W×2100H   28001506A-E88TAG56112*1498.800 <2001500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P280280 308 0.8400V50HZ4500L×1470W×2483H 4081 2206C-E13TAG2  6130*15712.500 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P320320 350 0.8400V50HZ4500L×1470W×2483H4268 2206C-E13TAG36130*15712.500 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P360360 400 0.8400V50HZ 4700L×1520W×2512H 4960 2506C-E15TAG1 6137*17115.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P400400 440 0.8400V50HZ4700L×1520W×2512H  4960 2506C-E15TAG26137*17115.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P480480 528 0.8400V50HZ4950L×2020W×2512H  6200 2806C-E18TAG1A6145*18318.130 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P520520 560 0.8400V50HZ4950L×2020W×2512H   65102806A-E18TAG2 6145*18318.130 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P600600 660 0.8400V50HZ6058L×2438W×2591H 118834006-23TAG2A 6160*19022.921 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P640640 700 0.8400V50HZ6058L×2438W×2591H 120334006-23TAG3A 6160*19022.921 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P720720 800 0.8400V50HZ6058L×2438W×2591H 129794008TAG1A 8160*19030.561 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P800800 880 0.8400V50HZ6058L×2438W×2591H 131794008TAG2 8160*19030.561 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P800800 880 0.8400V50HZ6058L×2438W×2591H 13179 4008TAG2A 8160*19030.561 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P900900 1000 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H  18879 4008-30TAG3 8160*19030.561 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P10001000 1100 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H 198234012-46TAG0A12160*19045.842 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P10001000 1100 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H 198244012-46TWG2A12160*19045.842 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P11001100 1200 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H  19890 4012-46TAG1A 12160*19045.842 <2051500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P12001200 1320 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H 20662  4012-46TAG2A12160*19045.842 <2051500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P13201320 1450 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H 20762 4012-46TAG3A12160*19045.842 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P14801480 1600 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H   20923 4016TAG1A 16160*19061.123 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P16001600 1800 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H 21051  4016TAG2A 16160*19061.123 <2151500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYS-P18001800 2000 0.8400V50HZ12192L×2438W×2896H 213404016-61TRG316160*19061.123 <2151500Water CoolingElectrical Starting