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Volvo Engine Open Type Genset with Four Valves per Cylinder

Volvo Engine Open Type Genset with Four Valves per Cylinder

Suitable for heavy-duty operation

Runs smoothly, with high rigidity, low vibration and low noise

low fuel consumption, excellent speed regulation performance

Using world-class equipment and production technology

  • Standard
  • Performance
ISO 8528: AC generator set driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine
IEC 60034-1: Basic technical requirements for rotating electrical machines
YD/T 502: Communication diesel generator set
GB/T 20136-2006: General test method for internal combustion engine power station

The design and installation of the engine are simple, and after a good balance, it runs smoothly, with high rigidity, low vibration and low noise.
The nitrogen-carbon treated crankshaft and transmission gear are suitable for heavy-duty operation. There are 7 shafts on the crankshaft to reduce the load of the main bearing.
Using mechanical speed regulation, four valves per cylinder, exhaust gas turbocharged air intercooling, direct injection fuel system, low fuel consumption, excellent speed regulation performance, fast and powerful loading;
Volvo has a large stock in the global market, complete accessories, convenient maintenance and low maintenance costs;
Using world-class equipment and production technology, the quality is stable and reliable.
Meet the requirements of performance level G2 of generator set.
Frequency drop%5
Steady-state frequency band%1.5
Relative frequency setting drop range%≥3.5
Relative frequency setting rising range%2.5
Transient frequency deviation100% sudden reduction power%≤+12
Sudden power≤-10
Frequency recovery times5
Relative frequency tolerance band%2
Steady-state voltage deviation%≤±2.5
Voltage unbalance%1
Transient voltage deviation100% sudden reduction power%≤+25
Sudden power≤-20
Voltage recovery times6
Voltage modulation%0.3
Relative voltage setting range%≤±5
Voltage setting rate of change%/s0.21
Telephone harmonic factorTHF%2
Phone influencing factorsTIF/50

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The main power (PRP) is the maximum power that the unit can continuously operate with variable load under standard environment (atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, ambient temperature) conditions, and allow 10% overload operation for 1 hour every 12 hours.

Altitude: ≤1000m (when >1000m, power correction is required)
Ambient temperature: 40°C (when >40°C, power correction is required)
Relative humidity: ≤60%
When the on-site operating conditions of the diesel generating set doesn’t meet the above conditions, the output power of the generator set must be corrected, and finally corrected coefficient, please consult us.
Genset ModelGenset Prime Power(kW)Genset Standby Power(kW)Power FactorRated VoltageFrequencyDimension (L×W×H) (mm)Weight(kg)Engine ModelNumber of CylindersBore×Stroke(mm)Displacement(L)Fuel Consumption(g/kW)SpeedCooling SystemStarting Method
Volvo Engine Generator Open Style(400V)
ATYO-V6868 75 0.8400V50HZ2395L×920W×1597H   1285TAD530GE4108*1304.760 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V8080 88 0.8400V50HZ2395L×920W×1597H 1285 TAD531GE4108*1304.760 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V104104 114 0.8400V50HZ 2395L×920W×1597H 1351 TAD532GE4108*1304.760 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V120120 132 0.8400V50HZ2800L×920W×1586H 1770TAD731GE6108*1307.150 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V150150 165 0.8400V50HZ2600L×1272W×1687H1940 TAD732GE6108*1307.150 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V160160 176 0.8400V50HZ2600L×1272W×1687H 1940TAD733GE6108*1307.150 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V200200 220 0.8400V50HZ2688L×1272W×1687H 1980TAD734GE6108*1307.150 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V250250 275 0.8400V50HZ3060L×1272W×1615H3000 TAD1341GE-B6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V280280 308 0.8400V50HZ3060L×1272W×1615H 3040 TAD1342GE-B6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V300300 330 0.8400V50HZ3060L×1272W×1615H 3040 TAD1343GE-B6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V330330 360 0.8400V50HZ3060L×1272W×1615H  3040TAD1344GE-B6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V360360 400 0.8400V50HZ3077L×1272W×1615H 3090TAD1345GE-B6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V400400 440 0.8400V50HZ3102L×1238W×1972H3640TAD1641GE-B6144*16516.120 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V480480 528 0.8400V50HZ3258L×1390W×1972H 4320TAD1642GE-B6144*16516.120 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V500500 550 0.8400V50HZ3258L×1390W×1985H 4400TWD1643GE6144*16516.120 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V520520 572 0.8400V50HZ3620L×1390W×1985H 4900 TWD1644GE6144*16516.120 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V69F69 76 0.8400V50HZ2395L×920W×1597H 1285TAD550GE4108*1304.760 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V80F80 88 0.8400V50HZ 2395L×920W×1597H 1285TAD551GE4108*1304.760 <2801500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V104F104 114 0.8400V50HZ 2800L×920W×1586H 1750 TAD750GE6108*1307.150 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V120F120 132 0.8400V50HZ2800L×920W×1586H   1770 TAD751GE6108*1307.150 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V145F145 160 0.8400V50HZ2600L×1272W×1687H1940TAD752GE6108*1307.150 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V160F160 176 0.8400V50HZ2600L×1272W×1687H1940 TAD753GE6108*1307.150 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V200F200 220 0.8400V50HZ2688L×1272W×1687H 1980TAD754GE6108*1307.150 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V260F260 286 0.8400V50HZ3060L×1272W×1615H3000TAD1351GE6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V292F292 321 0.8400V50HZ3060L×1272W×1615H 3040 TAD1352GE6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V300F300 330 0.8400V50HZ3060L×1272W×1615H 3040TAD1354GE6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V330F330 363 0.8400V50HZ 3060L×1272W×1615H  3040 TAD1355GE6131*15812.780 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V370F370 407 0.8400V50HZ3102L×1238W×1972H 3640TAD1650GE6144*16516.120 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V400F400 440 0.8400V50HZ3102L×1238W×1972H 3640  TAD1651GE6144*16516.120 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V480F480 530 0.8400V50HZ3258L×1390W×1985H 4320 TWD1652GE6144*16516.120 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V500F500 550 0.8400V50HZ3258L×1390W×1985H 4400TWD1653GE6144*16516.120 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V520F520 574 0.8400V50HZ3621L×1390W×1985H 4670TWD1653GE6144*16516.120 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-V560F560 616 0.8400V50HZ3620L×1390W×1985H 4900    TWD1645GE6144*16516.120 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting