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South Africa's solar power project urgently needs foreign investment

Time : 2015-07-15 Hits : 14

South African government spokesman Tenba Maceko said on the 18th that South Africa has officially launched a plan for a high-power solar power plant with a generating capacity of 100 megawatts. The South African government hopes to receive strong investment from foreign consortia and institutions.

South Africa News Agency quoted Maceko as saying that the solar power project is located in Upington, the capital city of South Africa’s Northwestern Province. It is an important project for the development of clean energy in South Africa. Due to the lack of funds, the construction of the solar power project encountered obstacles. The project is expected to cost 150 billion rand (approximately 20.6 billion US dollars).

Maceko said that the geographical location and natural environment of the solar power project are very suitable for the construction of solar power plants. The South African government has determined that a green and environmentally friendly economy will be the main driving force for the next stage of the South African economy. This will not only create a large number of jobs, but also reduce South Africa’s carbon emissions.

South Africa is a major power country in Africa. Its power generation accounts for two-thirds of Africa's total. Almost 90% of it comes from coal-fired power generation. With the increase in electricity demand in recent years, South Africa, the "power-rich country", has begun to experience power shortages. While focusing on the development of nuclear power, South Africa is also paying more and more attention to the use of clean and renewable energy such as solar energy.