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Diesel Generator with Cummins Engine

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200-1200kW  400V High Safety Open Chongkang Cummins Engine Diesel Generator

200-1200kW 400V High Safety Open Chongkang Cummins Engine Diesel Generator

Low vibration

High economy and safety

Low fuel consumption, low failure rate

Convenient installation and easy maintenance

  • Standard
  • Performance
ISO 8528: AC generator set driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine
IEC 60034-1: Basic technical requirements for rotating electrical machines
YD/T 502: Communication diesel generator set

GB/T 20136-2006: General test method for internal combustion engine power station

PT fuel injection system constitutes EFC electronic governor, realizes remote operation control, and can be put into full load at one time according to rated power.
Start quickly and reliably at low temperatures, reduce exhaust gas emissions, and make the emissions meet the national standards.
Adopt advanced technology to optimize the combustion process, reduce fuel consumption and higher reliability.
High-performance shock absorption system and rigid base, low vibration.
Low fuel consumption, low failure rate, lower cost, high economy and safety.

Standardized design, comprehensive and intelligent products, strong versatility of parts and components, convenient installation and easy maintenance.





Frequency drop



Steady-state frequency band



Relative frequency setting drop range



Relative frequency setting rising range



Transient frequency deviation

100% sudden reduction power



Sudden power


Frequency recovery time



Relative frequency tolerance band



Steady-state voltage deviation



Voltage unbalance



Transient voltage deviation

100% sudden reduction power



Sudden power


Voltage recovery time



Voltage modulation



Relative voltage setting range



Voltage setting rate of change



Telephone harmonic factor




Phone influencing factors





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The main power (PRP) is the maximum power that the unit can continuously operate with variable load under standard environment (atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, ambient temperature) conditions, and allow 10% overload operation for 1 hour every 12 hours.

Altitude: ≤1000m (when >1000m, power correction is required)
Ambient temperature: 40°C (when >40°C, power correction is required)
Relative humidity: ≤60%
When the on-site operating conditions of the diesel generating set doesn’t meet the above conditions, the output power of the generator set must be corrected, and finally corrected coefficient, please consult us.
Genset ModelGenset Prime PowerGenset Standby PowerPower FactorRated VoltageFrequencyDimension (L×W×H) (mm)Weight(kg)Engine ModelNumber of CylindersBore×Stroke(mm)Displacement(L)Fuel Consumption(g/kW)SpeedCooling SystemStarting Method
Open Style(400V)
Chongkang Cummins Generator
ATYO-C200C200 220 0.8400V50HZ 2860L×1275W×1520H3500      MTA11-G26125*14710.800 <2151500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C200CG200 220 0.8400V50HZ3000L×1332W×1806H 3025NT855-GA6140*15214.000 <2151500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C220C220 242 0.8400V50HZ 3020L×1332W×1742H 2900NTA855-G1A6140*15214.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C250C250 275 0.8400V50HZ2850L×1272W×1520H  3685  MTAA11-G36125*14710.800 <1901500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C280C280 300 0.8400V50HZ 3020L×1332W×1742H   3133 NTA855-G2A6140*15214.000 <2351500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C300C300 330 0.8400V50HZ3250L×1332W×1827H  3040 NTAA855-G76140*15214.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C320C320 350 0.8400V50HZ3250L×1332W×1827H 3045 NTAA855-G7A6140*15214.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C320CG320 350 0.8400V50HZ3250L×1332W×1827H 3045QSNT-G36140*15214.000 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C360C360 400 0.8400V50HZ3300L×1522W×1945H3664QSNT-G4X6140*15214.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C360CG360 400 0.8400V50HZ3300L×1522W×1945H 3664   KTA19-G36159*15919.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C400C400 440 0.8400V50HZ3300L×1522W×1945H 3664KTA19-G3A6159*15919.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C440C440 480 0.8400V50HZ3650L×1530W×2055H3915 KTAA19-G56159*15919.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C460C460 506 0.8400V50HZ3650L×1530W×2055H 3915KTAA19-G66159*15919.000 <2151500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C500C500 550 0.8400V50HZ 3650L×1530W×2055H4187KTAA19-G6A6159*15919.000 <2151500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C520C520 570 0.8400V50HZ3862L×1556W×2228H 5315QSK19-G46159*15919.000 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C570C570 627 0.8400V50HZ 4308L×2028W×2412H 6100    KTA38-G112159*15938.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C580C580 638 0.8400V50HZ4308L×2028W×2412H 6300 KT38-GA12159*15938.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C600C600 660 0.8400V50HZ4309L×2028W×2408H 6885  KTA38-G212159*15938.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C640C640 704 0.8400V50HZ4410L×1896W×2412H  7155 KTA38-G2B12159*15938.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C730C730 800 0.8400V50HZ 4410L×1896W×2412H  7395 KTA38-G2A12159*15938.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C800C800 880 0.8400V50HZ4484L×1760W×2333H7050  KTA38-G512159*15938.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C1000C1000 1100 0.8400V50HZ 5073L×2010W×2458H 10052  KTA50-G316159*15950.000 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C1000CG1000 1100 0.8400V50HZ 5300L×2200W×2366H  9450 QSK38-G512159*15937.700 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C1100C1100 1210 0.8400V50HZ 5703L×2140W×2497H 10983 KTA50-G816159*15950.300 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C1200C1200 1500 0.8400V50HZ5703L×2140W×2497H10983  KTA50-GS816159*15950.000 <2301500Water CoolingElectrical Starting