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Diesel Generator with Cummins Engine

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20-380kW 400V Easy Maintenance Open Dongkang Cummins Engine Diesel Generator

20-380kW 400V Easy Maintenance Open Dongkang Cummins Engine Diesel Generator

Integrated building block structure design

Few parts, light weight

High-performance shock absorption system

Efficient fuel supply system

  • Standard
  • Performance
ISO 8528: AC generator set driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine
IEC 60034-1: Basic technical requirements for rotating electrical machines
YD/T 502: Communication diesel generator set

GB/T 20136-2006: General test method for internal combustion engine power station

Integrated building block structure design, small size, compact structure and excellent craftsmanship.
Few parts, light weight, low failure rate and low maintenance cost.
With supercharging and supercharging and intercooling technology as the leading products, strong power.
High-performance shock absorption system and rigid base, low vibration.
Efficient fuel supply system and air intake system, fuel atomization and mixing with air more fully, more complete combustion, lower emissions.

Standardized design, comprehensive and intelligent products, strong versatility of parts and components, convenient installation and easy maintenance.





Frequency drop



Steady-state frequency band



Relative frequency setting drop range



Relative frequency setting rising range



Transient frequency deviation

100% sudden reduction power



Sudden power


Frequency recovery time



Relative frequency tolerance band



Steady-state voltage deviation



Voltage unbalance



Transient voltage deviation

100% sudden reduction power



Sudden power


Voltage recovery time



Voltage modulation



Relative voltage setting range



Voltage setting rate of change



Telephone harmonic factor




Phone influencing factors





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The main power (PRP) is the maximum power that the unit can continuously operate with variable load under standard environment (atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, ambient temperature) conditions, and allow 10% overload operation for 1 hour every 12 hours.

Altitude: ≤1000m (when >1000m, power correction is required)
Ambient temperature: 40°C (when >40°C, power correction is required)
Relative humidity: ≤60%
When the on-site operating conditions of the diesel generating set doesn’t meet the above conditions, the output power of the generator set must be corrected, and finally corrected coefficient, please consult us.
Genset ModelGenset Prime Power(kW)Genset Standby Power(kW)Power FactorRated VoltageFrequencyDimension (L×W×H) (mm)Weight(kg)Engine ModelNumber of CylindersBore×Stroke(mm)Displacement(L)Fuel Consumption(g/kW)SpeedCooling SystemStarting Method
Open Style(400V)
Dongkang Cummins Generator
ATYO-C20D20 22 0.8400V50HZ 1905L×730W×1415H   729 4B3.9-G24102*1203.900 <2801500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C24D24 26 0.8400V50HZ 1905L×730W×1415H  729 4B3.9-G124102*1203.900 <2801500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C30D30 33 0.8400V50HZ1940L×730W×1405H 800 4BT3.9-G24102*1203.900 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C45D45 50 0.8400V50HZ2100L×730W×1431H1015 4BTA3.9-G24102*1203.900 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C50D50 55 0.8400V50HZ2100L×730W×1431H 10154BTA3.9-G114102*1203.900 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C60D60 66 0.8400V50HZ2100L×730W×1431H10954BTA3.9-G114102*1203.900 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C68D68 75 0.8400V50HZ 2431L×752W×1444H 1205    6BT5.9-G26102*1205.900 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C75D75 83 0.8400V50HZ 2431L×752W×1444H 1205  6BT5.9-G26102*1205.900 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C80D80 88 0.8400V50HZ2431L×752W×1444H 1205 6BT5.9-G26102*1205.900 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C90D90 100 0.8400V50HZ2467L×837W×1519H 1260 6BTA5.9-G26102*1205.900 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C100D100 110 0.8400V50HZ 2534L×855W×1514H  1235  6BTAA5.9-G26102*1205.900 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C120D120 130 0.8400V50HZ2618L×899W×1644H  1425 6BTAA5.9-G126102*1205.900 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C130D130 143 0.8400V50HZ2306L×1037W×1622H 17356CTA8.3-G26114*1358.300 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C145D145 160 0.8400V50HZ 2306L×1037W×1622H 1765   6CTA8.3-G26114*1358.300 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C160D160 176 0.8400V50HZ 2450L×1146W×1653H 1810  6CTAA8.3-G26114*1358.300 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C200D200 220 0.8400V50HZ2562L×1190W×1715H 1915    6LTAA8.9-G26114*1358.300 <2201500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C216D216 238 0.8400V50HZ 2830L×1345W×1715H  2015   6LTAA9.5-G36117*1489.500 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C260D260 286 0.8400V50HZ2830L×1345W×1715H2015  6LTAA9.5-G16117*1489.500 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C310D310 341 0.8400V50HZ 3000L×1500W×1924H3200   6ZTAA13-G36130*16313.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C350D350 385 0.8400V50HZ3000L×1500W×1924H 3250  6ZTAA13-G46130*16313.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C350DG350 385 0.8400V50HZ 3000L×1500W×1924H 3250    QSZ13-G26130*16313.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C360D360 400 0.8400V50HZ 2930L×1600W×1915H 1310     QSZ13-G56130*16313.000 <2101500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C380D380 418 0.8400V50HZ3000L×1500W×1924H 3330 QSZ13-G36130*16313.000 <2001500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C48DF48 53 0.8400V50HZ2100L×730W×1431H 1015     QSB3.9-G24102*1203.900 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C64DF64 70 0.8400V50HZ2431L×752W×1444H  1205 QSB3.9-G34102*1203.900 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C80DF80 88 0.8400V50HZ2431L×752W×1444H  1205  QSB5.9-G26102*1205.900 <2601500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C100DF100 110 0.8400V50HZ 2534L×855W×1514H  1235   QSB5.9-G36102*1205.900 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C120DF120 130 0.8400V50HZ  2618L×899W×1644H 1425  QSB6.7-G36107*1246.700 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C144DF144 160 0.8400V50HZ2306L×1037W×1622H 1765  QSB6.7-G46107*1246.700 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C160DF160 176 0.8400V50HZ2450L×1146W×1653H 1810   QSL8.9-G26114*1458.900 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C180DF180 198 0.8400V50HZ2562L×1190W×1715H   1915  QSL8.9-G36114*1458.900 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C200DF200 220 0.8400V50HZ 2562L×1190W×1715H 1915         QSL8.9-G46114*1458.900 <2401500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C288DF288 317 0.8400V50HZ 3250L×1332W×1827H 3040   QSZ13-G66130*16313.000 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting
ATYO-C320DF320 352 0.8400V50HZ 3250L×1332W×1827H 3045  QSZ13-G76130*16313.000 <2501500Water CoolingElectrical Starting