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A hospital refers to a medical institution that carries out necessary medical examinations, treatment measures, nursing technology, reception services, rehabilitation equipment, rescue transportation and other services for patients in accordance with laws, regulations and industry norms.
Symptomatic patients and wounded, as well as elderly people who cannot take care of themselves or have limited mobility, are dependent on medical care, forensic assessments are dependent on medical care or have unstable conditions that require long-term rehabilitation, frequent observation and inspection, or have other specific conditions And crowds, such as healthy people (such as pregnant women, pregnant women, newborns) and completely healthy people (such as those who come to the hospital for physical examination or oral hygiene).
When initially established, it was for people to evacuate, and entertainment programs were also provided. The people are comfortable and have the intention of entertaining. Later, it gradually became a specialized institution for receiving and treating patients.
The provision of these services requires all kinds of advanced machinery and equipment, and the equipment also needs strong power support. Therefore, generator sets are widely used in the medical industry, and every hospital must have a generator set.

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