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The communications industry has developed on the basis of traditional postal, telegraph, telephone and other industries but has new changes. It’s no longer solely engaged in the business of information transmission, but also contains information value-added content in the information transmission, and is transforming to integrated information services.
From the perspective of communication content, voice communication is gradually shifting to data communication; from the perspective of communication technology, from analog technology to digital technology; from the perspective of communication mode, from fixed communication to mobile communication rapidly Mainly; from the perspective of communication lines, from copper cable communication to optical fiber communication; from the perspective of communication infrastructure, it is developing towards a broadband, high-speed, large-capacity, multimedia, and intelligent information transmission network.

The telecommunications industry, like the computer industry, is a major part of the information industry. With the integration of telecommunications networks and computer networks, the relationship between these two major industries has become closer and there is a trend of integration. The manufacturing of telecommunications equipment such as program-controlled switches and mobile phones has long been classified as an electronic information industry in China.

This is inseparable from strong power support, and diesel generator sets are an economic and stable choice for the power generation industry.

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