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Aquaculture is the water area available for human use for breeding (including planting). According to the ecological habits of the aquaculture objects and the different requirements for the environmental conditions of the water area, it uses aquaculture technology and facilities to engage in aquatic economic animal and plant breeding and is an agricultural production department. one. According to the nature of the water area, it can be divided into marine aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture. According to the breeding and planting objects, it is divided into fish, shrimps and crabs, shellfish, and algae, gorgon, lotus, lotus root, etc.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, through vigorously transforming and utilizing all the waters and potential waters available for breeding, expanding the breeding area and increasing the output per unit area (water body); opening up new areas and new ways of aquaculture, and developing industrialization, mechanization, and high-density temperature. The aquaculture of flowing water, cages (including multi-layer cages), artificial reefs, three-dimensional, intermixed and other aquaculture will develop in the direction of intensive management, tap the potential of aquatic production; protect aquatic resources and ecological environment, and the aquaculture industry has achieved rapid development .

The aquaculture industry needs a continuous aerobic environment. Once the power is cut off, the loss will be very large. Therefore, standby generator sets are particularly important. Diesel generator sets are widely used in the aquaculture industry.